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My Story


Hi, I'm Kerry a certified nutrition coach, Wife and Mummy to two amazing children!

Originally from London U.K, born to Turkish parents however, I have lived in the United Arab Emirates for almost 20 years. 

I have had a slight obsession with food since I was younger. My parents owned Turkish restaurants in London and my father who was an wonderful chef, took great pride in showing us how things worked in business. Whilst my mother (an amazing home cook) would ask my siblings and I to help create the traditional family recipes (which had been passed down through generations) on special occasions.  I loved this part of my life and these memories have a very special place in my heart...


I was so fortunate to have had a wonderful career in Hospitality, starting in boutique Hotels in London and Turkey and then working as a Commercial and Corporate Flight Attendant based in the U.A.E flying for Celebrities, UHNW Individuals and the Royal Family. This experience allowed me to travel the globe and learn more about different foods and cultures from some amazing Chefs and Hospitality professionals.


My relationship with food wasn’t always a healthy one, especially being a flight attendant, eating the wrong foods at the wrong times was the norm. However, when I started to plan my own wedding back in 2015, I set out on my own wellness journey to discover my passions within fitness and really started to fuel my body with the right foods for optimal wellness.


Over a period of 6 months, I managed to lose some unwanted pounds before my wedding day which meant I was able to fit into my dream dress at our wonderful destination wedding in Turkey! I noticed that not only did I look better, but my overall general wellness improved dramatically. After I had my children and became a stay home mother to babies with dairy allergies and GERD (silent reflux), I decided to channel my energies into learning all I could about wellness and general nutrition to ensure my family receive the best foods to help guarantee their well-being. 

It would be an absolute pleasure to work with you on your wellness goals! To help you find balance just as I have, and empower you to build a life full of energy, good health and success.  

Kerry x