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What is TWZ?

The Wellness Zone (TWZ) is an online Wellness Community that will allow you to begin your ultimate wellness journey! Sign up for our Monthly Nutrition and Fitness Program and we guarantee that you’ll be on the right track, heading towards your ultimate wellness goals and paving the path to your success! 


  • Are you a father who needs some motivation with eating right and keeping up with fitness goals, but cannot find the time to visit a gym or follow set meal plans?

  • Are you a busy mom who doesn't set aside any time for yourself? 

  • Perhaps you are a busy professional with no time for yourself or do you find yourself with too much ‘alone time” down route, which leads to poor food choices whilst watching too much Netflix?


Do not worry! The Team at TWZ is here to help! Your coaches and teammates will keep you accountable and on track towards a healthier lifestyle, and together we will keep progressing towards achieving the results you are longing for!


So, what do I have to do? I hear you saying…


It’s simple, all we ask is that you dedicate 30mins -1hour of your time a day to yourself. By using the fitness tools and nutrition guidelines the wellness zone has to offer, we know you will start LOVING the life you are living!


What will TWZ do for you?

  • Lose excess weight

  • Improve your gut health

  • Get more active

  • Improve energy levels

  • Change your relationship with food

  • Keep you engaged and committed towards your wellness goals

  • Empower you to improve your overall well being

  • Find the correct balance of physical activity and nutrition and 

       to maintain a healthy quality of life



Here's what's included in TWZ...

  • Structure and Application – You will receive the outline of the process we use that will allow reach your wellness goals and access to the online platform/application that will guide you throughout.

  • Wellness Experts – will guide you through your journey.

  • A Supportive Wellness Community - You will be placed on a team of 2-3 people who will keep you accountable on your daily and weekly decisions.

  • Weekly Meetings – We will all come together on Zoom to brief you on the weekly progress, on the upcoming workouts, keep you motivated and engaged on your Wellness Journey.

  • Workouts – Live workout sessions with TWZ PT and a workout schedule with videos which can be done on your own time.

  • List of Compliant Foods – You will have a clear list of what foods are/are not allowed which have been specifically chosen by a nutrition expert.



TWZ’s structure and Support System is the MAGIC in keeping you engaged and committed and getting you results.


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Contact us via email or call us to speak with a member of the team today !

Introducing Our New Healthy Partners!

No time to cook? No Problem!
We've partnered with The Cycle Hub and Cafe to provide you healthy meals during our programs to help keep you on track!

They offer both Paleo and Pegan meal plans to help you follow our program. 
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