Loving Life With Lemons is an Online Wellness community which caters to both Individuals, Businesses and Families who are looking for a little direction and support in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Get in contact today to find out how the services that we provide will empower you to develop new habits and take further responsibility for your health and well-being and really start loving the life you are living!


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About Us

We’re a health-conscious, food loving team who are determined to help you stay focused and work towards your wellness goals!


We believe that one size most certainly ‘does not’ fit all. We will not allow a computer to put you into a ‘category’ or an algorithm to provide you with a ‘plan’ to work on your health and wellness goals. We will be by your side every step of the way!


As Technology evolves even further, we are starting to miss the ‘human touch’. We want to bring that back with interactive coaching methods which are effective with proven results but above all, fun and personal! 

Our Services

Designed by our nutrition coach to promote healthy eating. These challenges will help you progress towards your personal wellness goals by empowering you to develop new habits and take further responsibility for your health and well-being.

Join our supportive, interactive wellness community Platform! Our team of coaches are on hand to guide and support you through a monthly fitness and nutrition program, that has been specifically designed to improve overall well-being and transform your body.


Are there certain foods you simply cannot live without? Our nutrition coach will ensure you receive a bespoke meal plan which includes your favorite foods and is simple to follow...



— Dorothee, Dubai

I found a new love for veggies and fruits for all meals. I now go on power walks/ runs and I ended up smashing out 100 km in 3 weeks.

I have lost 5.6kg- This is literally incredible! I can see a huge difference and couldn’t be happier


— Elle and Ali,  UAE

We are so grateful you have changed our way of eating and we are now more aware of what we should eat...Ali has been much stronger than me, but your way of coaching, all the motivation from the group and your kind heart has really touched our life in so many ways.

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